Personal Retrospective: Q2 2019

3 min read · August 5, 2019

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Retrospectives, when done well, can have a great impact on team environments and allow for various adjustments. These checkins become pivoting and adapting catalysts. Recently, I have been doing some self exploration leading to the desire for more focused learning. In talking with other developers and taking inspiration from Jason Lengstorf, I have decided to take on quarterly personal retrospectives.

What are my goals for the remainder of 2019?

An underlying theme I have noticed over the past month is the desire to be more intentional. This theme is also reflected in the three goals I have set for the next 5 months. I have settled in to the career transition and life has been finding its new equilibrium. I’m still discovering what I want it to look like. The following goals reflect areas that I want to be more intentional with my time and exploration therein.

  1. Write more: I have always enjoyed writing nonfiction. My favorite class in college was writing a 50+ page qualitative research study on a topic I selected. The past year has been more ebb than flow and lacking any regularity. My goal is to find a new sense of normal with writing in my life.
  2. Continue building and engaging with community: Community has played an incalculable role in my ability to transition careers and continue to grow, both as a developer and a person. It was the reason I elected becoming the organizer of the local GraphQL meetup and assist with other meetups. My goal is to continue building upon this and emphasizing it in my life, prioritizing areas where I can give back and help others.
  3. Read 4 books: Reading is another area of life that has dropped by the wayside. Apart from articles, it is frequently an afterthought. I want to increase the emphasis on long form reading and read at least 4 books before year’s end.

What do I want to change in Q3

The first half of this year has been going well personally and professionally. There are two areas which require additional attention and adaptation.

  1. Excercise more: I used to be more active as a Facilities Manager. I was constantly walking around to different sites and rarely had a sedentary day. Shifting to software development has been the inverse. I regularly take daily walks after lunch. However, I am still not active enough for my desires. I need to prioritize taking advantage of the activity center at my apartment complex.
  2. Play more games: I love playing board games with family and friends. For a while the games were collecting dust in our closet. We have been working to play them more frequently, and it is always a joy when we do. It’s quality family time without electronics.

What are my Goals for Q3

Q3 is already a month over, so these goals apply to roughly the next 60 days.

  1. Spend 2 hours a week writing: This time does not have to be related to blog posts and could be writing that never sees the light of day such as morning pages. I want to get back into the habit of doing something that I love. My goal is to have 2 published blog posts a month as part of this effort.
  2. Have 2 community 1:1’s each month: I appreciate people taking the time to engage in more directed conversation that may be harder in even a small group of people. This is valuable time and a great way to engage with people who have differing perspectives. My goal is to have 2 of these connections each month, with the caveat that they must not be work related.
  3. Read 2 books: My goal is to read two books, one fiction and one nonfiction by the quarter’s end. I want to be more balanced in my reading and not focus so heavily on nonfiction.

I am excited to see how this new format plays out and interplays with my desire for increased intentionality. I would love to hear what goals you are working towards, and what helps you move forward in your desired direction. You can connect with me on Twitter.

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