Giving Ourselves Space to Create

1 min read · December 1, 2020

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Photo by Maddy Baker

This year has thrown in my face that I have an overcommitment problem. It's easy to get wrapped up in exciting things to solve, experiment with, or people to interact with. Unfortunately, too much of even good things can have strong negative consequences.

One of the associated problems with overcommitment is burnout. How can we create and produce valuable content, code, thoughts, when our brains and commitments are brought just shy of our breaking point? It's an unsustainable pattern and eventually something will give.

I've been talking with friends about my desire to start writing again for months, but never actually made any progress. The truth is I was beyond exhaustion at the commitments I had made, perceived or actualized. Creative processes require space or overcoming the initial inertia becomes insurmountable. This is in direct conflict with being over-extended.

Finding time to recharge and restore some energy to the creative reservoir is critical to creating this space to create. That probably looks different in the midst of a pandemic, but it's not something that we can deprioritize forever. To my future self, don't be afraid of taking time off even if you aren't going anywhere or doing anything. You'll be amazed at the hidden and overt benefits that come with giving yourself space to breathe and to create.

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