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#100DaysOfCode Week 4 & 5

September 16, 2017
After completing the Front End Certificate on Free Code Camp, it was on to the back end, which has proven to be an interesting challenge. I have been working on using NodeJS and Express to build out routing and basic APIs. I worked through the learning courses on Free Code Camp which were a bit harder to grasp and less informative than their other lessons, but I was able to work through them. I created the first couple API microservices: a timestamp microservice and a request header parser microservice. I started working through my url shortener project and have about half of it completed. It can receive a new url, tests that it is a valid url, and then creates a short ID which is saved to the database with the original url. I still need to…
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#100DaysOfCode Week 1

August 17, 2017
I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge a little over a week ago. It has been going really well, and I have been coding for an average of 1-2 hours per day. I have been making great progress on the front-end projects with Free Code Camp, having completed the Pomodoro Timer and started the Tic Tac Toe game. At the current rate of completing projects I may finish the last two projects ahead of my October 1st mental deadline. What I would like to do on these check in posts is identify some of the accomplishments and challenges I faced as well as any moments of reflective inspiration. Accomplishments: Through building the Pomodoro timer I solidified my understanding of the React framework, how to structure things, when lifecycle hooks would be…
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The Start of #100DaysOfCode

August 7, 2017
131 days ago I started my journey to learn web development. What initially began as a tentative foray into investigating possible employment paths apart from my current career quickly evolved to a love of solving problems and an insatiable desire to learn more. I didn’t code every day, and there were a couple periods of barrenness, yet here I am---much farther along my development journey than when I first started. In the past 131 days I have gone from practically no coding experience to almost completing the front-end certification from Free Code Camp. I have created projects with more complex logic, including my first project in React, and continue to grow at a steady pace. I decided to join the 100 Days of Code challenge for a couple…
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#100DaysOfCode Round 2, Week 5

January 15, 2018
This was a week of pushing myself towards things that I have not utilized before, and confronting things that had previously made me nervous. I decided that I wanted to incorporate a quote slideshow in the About section which would utilize the same basic logic that I had already created for the slideshow. I am not a fan of copying code across files, and appreciate modularity when possible... Due to the carousel component using state and methods which directly alter the state I was not able to simply export the functions. After some research, it seemed like a higher order component would serve the need that I wanted and I decided to finally research them more. I’m not sure why higher order components had previously intimidated me. As I…
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