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Completing Simon Game and my Front End Certification

August 27, 2017
Version 1.0 of Simon Game
On Saturday night, the 150th day since I started my coding journey on Free Code Camp, I completed the Simon Game project and claimed my front end development certificate. It's been an amazing start to my journey as a developer, and I'm amazed at how much I have learned in such a relatively short period of time. You can find the live version here and the code on Github The Simon Game project brought some unique challenges that were really helpful for my growth. I chose to develop the UI on this project first, and fully built all of the React components with basic styling before adding any functionality. Sorting out how to make the color play buttons display properly with selective border radii, and then how to position the game controls took…
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Building Tic Tac Toe, Mental Obstacles, and the Benefits of React

August 22, 2017
Version 1.0 of my Tic Tac Toe Game
Another project is in the books. I completed the Tic Tac Toe game using the React framework with 5 days and around 12 hours of active development. You can check out the live version here and the code on Github. By far the most complex part of this project was creating the computer AI component. The idea of it had me in analysis paralysis for a day or two. This project really emphasized the need to break down the problems into bite sized, even seemingly insignificant pieces. For a while, I struggled with even starting on the logic for the computer player. It is so easy to be overwhelmed with the magnitude of the problem, that it seems like it works by magic and is unattainable. This is exactly what happened to me as I was struggling to…
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JavaScript Calculator: my First React Project

August 6, 2017
Version 1.0 of my JavaScript Calculator
After much debugging and chasing of state errors for edge cases of operational order, I have finally concluded the development of my JavaScript calculator, which also happens to be my first React application. The live version of the project can be found here and the code can be found on my GitHub. This particular project stretched me the most thus far for multiple reasons. Learning a new library was definitely complex and took some back and forth researching (more on that later). The primary challenges was handling all of the logic necessary to operate the calculator and then handling a bunch of unexpected cases and order of operations that would break the ideal scenario’s code. Due to the complexity of handling the various states in React…
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The Excitement of Releasing a New Project

June 14, 2017
Code from Twitch Viewer Project
It is always an exciting day to release a new project into the wild. After a week of active development, and a couple days doing minor tweaks, I’m happy to have my Twitch Viewer project live. This particular project was an interesting development in my skills with Javascript particularly. It was the first time that I dynamically created a Javascript object for a myriad of users based off of data polled from multiple API calls. After finally figuring out the constructor function the rest of the project built out quickly within a couple days. What was the most difficult challenge for me, was dealing with the asynchronous population of the object data, due to the API calls, and when to call the displayUsers function. Initially, I had created a…
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Venturing into Rabbit Holes

June 30, 2017
Twitch.tv viewer v1.1 with ability to add new users
It has been an exciting two weeks in my web development journey. I've made a serious dent in the algorithm challenges since completing my Twitch viewer project. So far I have completed 18 challenges, leaving three advanced algorithm challenges between me and starting my advanced front end projects. These last few algorithms are kicking my butt though, as the difficulty between the intermediate and advanced challenges jumped up the parabolic curve. So far my strategy of stepping away from one challenge and moving to another when I get too frustrated has been paying off. Distance and time has led to some of my best breakthrough moments. Forcing it only pisses me off more, as well as weird looks when I mutter expletives at my computer on…
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