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JavaScript Developer

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Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.


  • Experience working in large and diverse teams
  • Cross disciplinary communication of technical topics
  • Breaking down business requirements into development objectives
  • Community and Meetup Organization
  • Cutting edge web technologies including React, GraphQL, and TypeScript

My name is Skyler Lemay, and I am a JavaScript developer specializing in React. I focus on building responsive and accessible front-end applications using modern web technologies. I have experience leading teams and breaking down business requirements into development approaches. I also organize various community events focused on helping people to learn web development and emerging technologies such as GraphQL.

Recent Blog Posts

Two Lego minifigures standing close to each other and looking off into the distance.

Serendipitous Collaboration in Unlikely Places

A little over a month ago I joined a shameless self-promotion channel in a Slack group to get notifications of colleague's blog posts and occasionally share my own. I expected it to serve as a means of constraining the firehose of information to alert me about new things I cared about. It has…

A close up view of a dandelion with seeds drifting away from it.

Embarking on the Year of Creation

This past year I embraced the idea of creating a theme for the year. Themes are more robust than goals or resolutions, because they allow for adaptation in the face of unknown factors. The ability to adapt in the midst of a global pandemic helped my own well being. My theme for 2020 was the "Year of…

A brick wall spray painted with the words, Together we create!

Community Influence when Building a Habit

Trying to build or change habits is challenging work. There's a reason that many books have been written about the topic. One thing that cannot be overestimated in value is the impact a community can have in this process. Finding a community of like minded individuals can help overcome the initial…

A group of three vintage telephones lined up against a wall.

High Notification Rates and Psychological Safety: Decreasing the Learning Curve

Last week my colleague, Mike Crittenden, wrote a post on how good teams are noisy. In it he discusses the concept of successful teams having high notification rates and tangible benefits he has observed. Interestingly enough, last week also brought a tangible example of how high notification rates…

A bench with the words Watch, Listen, and Reflect painted on it.

You Can't Have Empathy without Active Listening

Dr Carl Marci explored how people connect in active listening relationships. His research indicated empathically displaying understanding in relationships is key to creating connections and increasing the perceived closeness between individuals. Marci says, "It’s very hard to be empathic when you’re…

A mural of splattered multi color paint with the word Together placed above it

What Mistakes did you Make This Sprint?

It's time for the Sprint Retrospective and people are submitting their thoughts on what went well and what to improve. As the team submits their ideas, the what to improve column remains minimal if populated at all. Are things going so well that there is nothing to improve? This seems statistically…


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